Giants Cup Hike - Drakensberg

Depends how late. They lock up at 6pm (or somewhere around there). The staff accommodation is next to the office, if you ask nicely they’ll usually open up for you so you can complete the register - but be aware that you are creating extra work for them outside of working hours.

Do you have the hut lock combinations? You’ll need this for Wintershoek Hut. You can get it at reception at Bushmans Nek or Cobham (Pholela Hut is a 300m walk from Cobham offices).

Thanks. Will probably be around 4pm. No I do not have the lock combinations, but will ask them for it.

Thanks again for your help.

Next post will be about my trip.

Hi there

Doing the trail starting 1 July.
Does Sani Backpackers still offer a ride to the start of the trail?

We are flying in from Cape Town and getting a shuttle to Sani Pass.

Also… is there someone I can contact for porterage? Just to shlep our things from hut to hut?

And should we pack.- 10.sleeping bags (they are huge) or will regular sleeping bags with liners down jackets and/or thermals be ok?

Did Naukluft last year and it was so cold on Kappokvlakte… mostly cos of the windchill. Dont want to repeat that. Minus 3. I was traumatized. Granted it was in a kraal…

Looking fwd to GC. Been on the bucket list for a while.

Hi. If we choose not to sleep at Bushman’s neck hut, would it still be possible to get to Sani Lodge Backpackers at a decent time?

Depends a great deal on the team, logistics etc. I’ve done day 5 in 3 hours before, but some teams take all day. I usually leave my car at Bushmans Nek and get a lift to the start from there - it makes logistics considerably easier.

Hi. Looking at Google maps it appears as if Pholela hut is situated at Cobham, if so, does that mean you can sign the Mountain Rescue register when you arrive at the hut on day 1 or do you have sign it before you start the hike, even if it is the previous day?

Yes, Pholela Hut is at Cobham. You can sign it there, but if anything happens on day 1 - a day with poor phone signal - you aren’t signed in at any register. Its another reason I like parking at Bushman’s Nek at the start: it means you are signed in before you start and can sign out when you finish.

Can one person sign for the group (providing the group’s details) or should all the members sign for themselves?

Yes, you only need one person to sign - not the entire team, but you do need the entire team’s details. That person who drops it off doesn’t have to be a team member, you can download the form (it is under downloads on the Vertical Endeavour website), fill it in in advance and send someone to Bushmans Nek to drop it off in the book if you like.