Hiking tents: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hello guys and girls.

I don’t pop in that often since play time is extremely limited…

What I find interesting is the lack of K-Way both here and also in the Drakensberg sleeping bag thread…

Am I missing something or are my camping needs not extreme enough?:crazy_face::joy:

Lovely site Neil, thanks! Makes me see even more toys to lust over😝

But seriously, the specs on those tents are UP THERE!

The K-Way Nerolite 3 is a very lekker tent, good value for money and can handle some serious wind. The K-Way Kilimanjaro tent also looks solid.

I have no experience with their sleeping bags, so can’t comment.

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I have the Kway Nerolite 2 and the Kway Kilimanjaro (2011 edition) and both are solid tents. My Kilimanjaro is starting to lose its water resistance though, after 8 years, but it has handled super rough storms in the open mountains and we slept dry without any worries, I can also say the same for the nerolite 2 (as it was in the same storm).

My only two gripes with the tents are their weight and pack size, Kilimanjaro is 3.5kg and the Nerolite 2.5kg which isn’t too bad on the weight side but you have to get creative if you want to fit the tent inside your bag on a 5 day hike. Another thing about the k-way is that I haven’t really seen any innovation from them over the past few years regarding tents which makes me think that they aren’t that important to them.

Agree, I think the weight/pack size thing is a particular issue with the K-Way tents, any time I pop into a cape union and have a look it always shocks me a bit. I wonder if the lack of progression is just a response to our market? Slack-packing, huts and car camping feels like it is in the majority with people I speak to. Where as the US and europe with all the long trails are pushing the weight down aggressively these days.

Cheers Arno!

I have the 2 and 3 person Nerolite…the 3 still unused…SIESA!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

I can say that I am quite impressed with the Nerolite 2 although I personally only used it in moderate conditions.

It strikes me as a great balance between shelter and weight/volume.

The Kilimanjaro is next on my list. The one I have seen on demo is HUGE!

Spec-wise it seems heavy but not as monstrous as the Base Camp…

The Kilimanjaro is big. A friend and I shared it, slept with our packs in between us and were very comfortable. It’s much larger than the First Ascent Helio or the Nerolite 2. I’m taking the Helio out on its first trip in October month :laughing:

Neil, you specifically mention that you have a 2011 Kilimanjaro 2

Were there any serious changes over the years or is a Kilimanjaro 2 the same as any other one?

Does anyone have any experience with NEMO tents? I’m looking at investing in the NEMO Kunai 2P tent. Seems like a super versatile 4-season assault style tent at 1.8kg. Have done a fair bit of research but looking for some local hands on experience before I buy. TIA

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It looks great in terms of weight and I have only had a very quick look at dimensions…

What I specifically think is inadequate is the water column numbers…1200mm on the flysheet…

Look, fair, everything is a trade-off in terms of weight, volume and performance.

My greatest reservation would be getting it intact and in good order from overseas…any local dealers or stockists?

I once bought a new K-Way tent and upon inspection in store I found it missed a zip…still don’t know what made me check…

Had it been an international parcel that could have been an issue…

I’m not sure about the Kunai specifically, but some of the Nemo tents have a very good reputation, particularly the Hornet series. Outdoorgearlab has some reviews.

Big Agnes Copper Spur mtnglo HVUL2…lightweight and reliability. Free standing tent and you also have a fast pitch option that allows you to leave the tent body at home only carrying the ground & fly sheetmaking, poles and stakes making it even lighter , about 600 grams. Have been using mine for over a year now and have had it on a few adventures with no issues. Other than one of the DAC lite poles I snapped and got the replacement.

I have seen some changes to the Kilimanjaro. Some that I noticed was the snow skirts that were added and the material looks a lot better. Haven’t noticed anything else.

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