K-way kili 16 women's boot

Hi. Does anybody have any experience of the K-way kili 16 women’s hiking boot? Terrain I hike in most of the time is thick riverbed, medium boulders, hard rock, soft and hard sand.

There’s some feedback on the K-Way Kili boots here: Hiking boots

Hi @bloukrans,

I use the Kway kili boot and I have had no issues with them. The only thing that annoys me sometimes is that the laces come loose (untie) often. I think it is because of the material of the lace. Otherwise they have served me well over rocky, sandy, wetland and muddy terrain. They are comfortable and waterproof and also never get smelly. Hope this helps a bit

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Hi Janine
Baie dankie! Yes, I’m thinkin of a solution to loosening laces - have had it with previous hiking boots as well, maybe one can use separate straps around the ankle part to keep everything in place… Will report;-)

Hi Janine,
My apology for the late reply.
You might want to try different ways to tie the laces.
I’ve migrated to road & trail running now, and learnt to secure laces so that they don’t loosen.
You might try the “Runner’s Knot” and/or the “Surgeon’s Knot”.
I use both when running, and have applied the methods to hiking boots😎

Enjoy the :mountain::national_park:

I just finished the Fish River Canyon in my KWay Kili boot and what an absolute bliss, the only one in our group who did not suffer from blisters. Did purchase a size bigger (feet swell during long hikes) and wore 2 pairs of socks. Am so super stoked with the Kili boot.