Solo Hiking Trails

Hi All,

I’m heading to Cape Town in Oct/Nov and I’m trying to find a ‘longer distance’ trail (70km - 300km) to hike solo. As many of you I’m sure are aware many of the well-known trails require a minimum of 2-3pax.
I would love to do the Outeniqua or Amatola Trails but afaik these have min pax requirements

I’m not opposed to hiking with others but I generally hike fast and light which does not suit everyone.
To help with recommendations it may be worth mentioning that I’m an experienced hiker and have experience with big milage/remote terrain.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hey Myles

Both trails you mentioned are excellent, and it might be worthwhile to try and join a group and then do your own thing while hiking - perhaps post on the forum closer to the time.
Both the Drakensberg and Cederberg offers excellent long distance “wilderness” hiking; neither is strictly a wilderness due to local Basothos in the Drakensberg and having to cross some public roads in the Cederberg though. It is of course always risky as a solo hiker as accident / injury might leave you in trouble and there’s not cellphone reception everywhere. The Drakensberg also has the human-danger element.
Transkei Wildcoast is another option but again you will have to be happy to take the risk of human-danger.
All things considered I think the Cederberg is the best and safest option for a solo hiker (especially in Oct); officially you have to be a min of 2 people but there’s ways around that :wink:

Some reading: