Trekking poles

Anyone got advice on trekking poles thanks

I was looking at first ascent range of trekking poles

Hi Paul

There is an existing thread with some good tips:

Thanks had a read


I have a couple of different types and makes of trekking poles, an in my experience Black Diamond makes some of the best poles available. They are certainly expensive, but they last nearly forever. My oldest BD pole is about 12 years old, properly scratched but still going strong, even the rubbers and plastics are still fine.

On the other had I’ve purchased a pair of Ultralight aluminium poles from Kway and while really super light, I’ve had to have both poles replaced in a matter of about 4 years. Actually, I’ve had 3 replacement poles already so when another one pops I’ll have had 2 sets replaced.

On the other hand, a family member bought some chinese imports and they lasted all but 2 Drakensberg hikes. Think he paid something like R100 per pole.

Materials: I prefer aluminium to carbon, more forgiving in the mountains and cheaper as well.
Grip types: some people prefer a round top section, some prefer narrow and long (more on cheapies), rubber or cork (easier on your hands and offers better grip even when wet, but doesn’t last as long).

Either way, test them out and see what works for you. I find hiking poles a great help in the mountains, doubt if I would ever hike without them.


You can get these off (, they’re all the rage among budget ultralight hikers in the USA, specifically as an alternative to the Black Diamond Carbon Corks. Come in at R1300 for the pair, including shipping and customs taxes (Amazon is top class when it comes to assuring on time delivery - within 3 weeks for these - and no extra fees).

They also have aluminium versions at R660 all inclusive for a pair (

Disclaimer - I haven’t actually used these poles, just seen numerous good reviews, but at the price they’re probably worth a punt.

I wouldn’t go with First Ascent poles, they are much too heavy, and the Fizan’s (K-way) are good value and super light.