20D Nylon Ripstop

Good Day Everyone

I am looking at the possibility of sewing my own quilt. What I am however struggling with is suppliers of technical materials in South Africa. Does anyone know where one could find 20D Nylon Ripstop or similar material that would be waterproof and suffice for a quilt?

Much appreciated

This is an excellent question that I would love an answer to as well if anyone is in the know :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to make some stuff sacks for some gear for ages now, but can’t find anywhere obvious in the WC to buy material from if I’m not looking to buy industrial quantities.

When I started digging it felt like the answer might be kitesurfing shops, as they seem to use ripstop silnylon in repairs/manufacturing. So maybe that’s a path to look into if you know anyone who kitesurfs?