22Waterfalls, Porteville

Hi, there.Feedback on the 22Waterfalls hiking trail, Houtboskloof near Porterville.We went camping and hiking the trail two weeks ago.

Campsite is situated on a farm just on the outskirts of Porterville.
Beautiful surroundings.
Very nice campsite layout, along the river and under the shade of large trees.Good and clean ablution facilities with warm water.Personnel are friendly and helpful.

The trail itself is moderate to difficult…even extreme at some spots.

It is a one day hike, 3.7km trail return trip, according to the All Trails app, but according to the lady at reception, it totals to 7.4km up and back.Hmm not that far, one might think. Surprise!!! Do not be misled by the distance.

You cross 22 waterfalls on the way up in the valley, to the top of the mountain, mostly in the shade of the trees.Plenty of water, and truely beautiful waterfalls awaits you around every corner where you can cool off with a swim.

Once you have passed the 2nd waterfall, it begins to become serious technical climbing, rather than hiking.
There are yellow painted marks on rocks and trees to indicate the route, but one can get confused with markers, and end up on the circle route instead.Distinction between the two trails is not very clear.

There are interesting wooden ladders that takes one up hill, but some places on the trail, you have to physically use your hands and upper body to pull you up and over cliffs.No ropes or other safety measuers (infrastructure) to assit you with getting up or down…You have to be very careful whilst on the trail.

The owners do not allow you to take any beverages on the trail, except water.They have a strict no littering policy, and want to limit pollution to the minimum.

Still, the trail is beautiful but physically very demanding and challenging.You need to have some sort of food supplement or to constantly replenish your energy in some way.

We used the rehidtate sachets in our water before we left camp, and during the day we only had water from the falls.

Our energy levels were drained when we returned to camp, because we respected the owner’s policy and did not take any food with us.

We will be doing this challenge again, in cooler weather.It is very rewarding to see the waterfalls, despite the difficulty and danger involved.

The circle route is currently closed.
Rates R350 per campsite per night, depending on the amount op people camping.Wood, ice, and “Blitz” available at the office.