3 day trail suggestion in Drakensberg?

Looking for a trail in the Drakensberg for 8 people for 3 days. Hikers are not experienced but are young and physically strong and have a bit of navigation skills. Would like to experience the full hiking package. Any recommendations?

@WillemB did a great overview of Mnweni area
this might be a great way to start off
Drakensberg: Introduction to Mnweni - Hiking South Africa

Hi @EdwinSchoeman , There is a 3-4 day route in the lower injisuthi area which may be a good option.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading up on the Drakensberg and the particular challenges it poses. The weather is unpredictable, most routes have no clear trails etc. So planning really is key when hiking in the Drakensberg.

Note that Mnweni as mentioned above is very physically demanding even for fit hikers, and you really need to be proficient in navigation too, amongst other things.

The route for the Injisuthi hike is as follows:

Day 1: Injisuthi Camp to Grindstone cave (4km). You can sleep at grindstone cave for the 4 day option or proceed to Marble bath cave (another 8 km) to complete the hike a day earlier.
Day 2: Marble baths to lower injisuthi cave (10 km)
Day 3: Injisuthi cave back to the start (8 km)

Hey Edwin
If here isn’t prior Drakensberg experience I would recommend an area with shorter walk-ins than Mnweni (unless you’re going to hire a guide); also 3-days will give you just enough time to reach the escarpment and back.
Route suggestions (all can be done in 3 days):
Amphitheatre - Chain ladders there-and back; lots of amazing features to explore on the escarpment
In the Cathedral peak area: ascend via Organ Pipes; descend via Mlambonja pass.
Monk’s Cowl area: grey’s pass there-and-back

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