6 year old tent

hi all, could I have some advice please. What do you think about buying a first ascent peak 3 person tent that is 6 years old, been used once. Stored in its bag. Thanks in advance…

Hard to say. Would depend on where and how it was stored. If under a tin roof in the garage best stay away. Not sure how forthcoming the seller would be either.

I’ve had gear degrade in storage, even when stored properly. Plastic can be odd. If you know anyone in CT that you can ask to inspect the product that would be best. But as a rule one can assume hardly used should be better than heavily used. Ask the seller to send close ups of the seam sealing on fly and floor, and then really close up of the fly sheet’s inner surface. That should indicate heat damage and or delamination. Also, any spots of mould?

How much better is their price than buying new?

this tent is R2400 new right now (on sale)

Thanks so much. I have done all this, and it looks as good as new. It is still totally waterproof. All the tapes on seams perfect. It is less than half the selling price. Basically brand new. The owner send me videos.

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