Adventure Food Survey

In our strive to provide South Africa’s outdoor enthusiasts with the best food possible for their adventures, we invite you to participate in this short survey.

Filled out and hopefully it is of some help. I have actually looked at your guys products before, as they seemed interesting and reasonably priced. The main reason I have never purchased any is that everything I looked at required me to get it into a pot and simmer it for for anywhere for 15 to 30 minutes.

At that point I’m in the realm of other prepackaged food. Some of my stoves are not great for simmering, stuff sticks in lightweight pots very easily and now I have a pot I have to clean late at night in the dark while I’m tired and often far from any water. So dehydrated stuff I can add hot water and eat out of the bag is fantastic, but everything we get here is too expensive to bother with.

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Hallo Jaxz. Thank you for your feedback. We now have cooked meals that are dehydrated. You will still need a pot, unfortunately, but once the meal is re-hydrated, it will only take 3 - 8 minutes to re-heat. We are regularly trying new recipes to try and get the cooking time down - the goal being to find recipes that can be prepared in the bag. We are not there yet, but watch this space…

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Such great news, thank you and I do hope to see some form of Banting/Keto options soon!