Advice for an overnight from Sentinel car park

Ive recently been up Sentinel peak to the Tugela falls on my own, but ive got a partner that is keen to do an overnight camp. Is camping only available at designated places on the trip between Sentinel and Mont Aux or are we free tp set up anywhere.

We’ve pitched our tents on the mountain before, however I’ve since heard that it is not safe up there any more. Especially if you are only two people. There are sleeping facilities at the car park, just dunno what it looks like these days.

Check out vertical-endeavour’s forum for the latest on Drakensberg safety:

You can pitch your tent anywhere on the escarpment, just maintain good hiking ethics and it is advised to be in a group for safety.

Thanks for the advice…

It seems like its not such a good idea for only 2 people to stay overbight on the Berg.

Not knowing the Drakensberg well, is there any other routes or estavlished csnp sites that can be recommended. Will be heading to Witsies. Any route info is appreciated.