Advice needed Giants Cup

We are two people hiking the Giants Cup from Tuesday next week. Weather doesn’t look too great for the first and last days, cold and rainy. I don’t want to cancel but i also don’t want it to be an ordeal. I’m keen but my friend is not. What to do, what to do? Any advice? Are the huts comfortable, for example, are there fireplaces and wood to keep warm inside the huts?

The hike is worth doing no matter the weather. It certainly builds character on the bad condition days.

Have you consulted the Ezemvelo website for hut descriptions? There are two out of five with no electricity, no hot water and need to take your own mattress for one of the huts. They are basically comfortable…that’s it…

The first night at Cobham is the most luxurious…

Hi, thank you, I’ve decided to still go. Very excited. Yes, I’ve checked about the huts and made preparations.

Enjoy - amazing hike.

You can also contact Matthew Wiggill (082 595 8444), who does transfers between points etc, he also has a whatsapp group that are pretty up to date on all things giant’s cup related.

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Matthew has “retired” but I am sure he can still help with info. The KZN Wildlife site has a lot of good info as well - and as mentioned two huts is very basic.

Thank you for all the input.
We did go, it was a wonderful experience, and we had lovely weather :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: