Advice on best rain poncho

I’ve read your views on rain jackets - but what about ponchos? Definitely not for the Drakensberg with snow and high-speed winds… Just for general hiking (day hike up to 5 days). It must fit over the back pack up to 70 L size.
I’ve seen K-way, 360 degrees, First Ascent and Decathlon.
Which is the best. Please share your views and experiences.

Don’t have any experience with poncho’s so nothing much to add, but thought I would throw the Naturehike ones in as well. Their stuff is generally good quality.

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Check local company NorthRidge: Rucsac Poncho | North Ridge at R360.00 for a poncho!

Btw they make awesome Gaiters too, short and long ones!!! Took my long ones up to 5109m in the Rwenzori - perfect! The short ones are ideal for weeks on end in the Cape Mountain fynbos like the Rim of Africa!


Hey Hein,

Can say with total conviction that I’m in favour of the first Ascent poncho. Lekker lightweight, large enough to cover my pack + myself and packs up super small.

Go have a look if you haven’t already made up your mind:

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Definitely Northridge poncho. It can be used as a poncho, ground cover or make shelter.
No need to look at any other brand.