African Ranger Barefoot

To all zero-drop / minimalist-style hikers!

As an avid barefoot / zero drop enthusiast on a budget, these have me seriously excited. I’ve literally considered buying Jim Greens and just cutting off the heel and removing the shank. I really hope that they are reasonably priced here in SA. The dollar price is a bit on the steep side. Even then though, these look like they will be able to last many years longer than anything by Altra or Vivobarefoot, so that might justify the price (which is still less than Altra or Vivo).

I don’t see them on the Jim Green website yet, but there appears to be an empty placeholder for them, so I’ve got a good feeling.

For some reason the video doesn’t want to link properly. Just search for Rose Anvil’s channel on youtube and you’ll find the video on the African Ranger barefoot.

The link is broken but check out this link :
Jim Green have some zero drop options I believe.

This is not bad. I was going to get Vivos for a lack of anything similar, but if this is comfy, joh, must have!

I ordered a pair on the day of release. They confirmed the order, but there has been no progress since then. Perhaps they are inundated… Will do a mini-review when I’ve had a chance to try them out.

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Please do. I’m ordering. Fingers crossed they manage to handle the traffic. Apparently they sell in USA and Europe as well now.

I received my Rangers yesterday morning. I’ll be wearing them for the second day now.

They are supremely comfortable for me, right out of the box. Only around the ankle it needs a bit of wearing in. With the zero drop and the wide, flat sole it is very stable. I’ve been climbing up and down ladders, walking on roofs etc.
They smell fantastic, I’m pretty sure they were only finished a couple of days ago.

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I’m jealous. I ordered as soon as they became available, but mine haven’t even shipped yet!