Amatola Trail - new trail & distance markers

Hi guys,

We recently headed up a group to hike the Amatola Trail for the second time. We did it first in 2016, and found the distance markers inaccurate, sections of the trail needing urgent maintenence, and the trail markers lacking, resulting in us going off the path several times.

After discussions with Friends of the Amatola Trail, Dan from Away with the Fairies, and DAFF, we receives permission to remark the trail with correct distances, and update the trail markings to help stick to the correct route.

We have updated our blog post to give full details on the hike and huts, including prep, booking, training hikes and anything else you may need to know.

Please have a read here on Amatola Trail – South Africa’s Toughest Hike – Revisited – No Speed Limit

For anyone who hasn’t attempted the Amatola Trail yet, you definitely need to add it to your bucket list. It’s phenomenal!


Fantastic! Thanks guys!! The work that you and Friends of the Amatola are doing is amazing. Such a wonderful trail that deserves to kept going. I think all our trails could benefit from a public initiative like this.

Thanks so much guys! I missed out on Geju Peak in September 2018 because of taking the short cut by accident. Wish your markers were there then!

Thanks guys. I did it once before and will definitely do it again. It’s one of the most scenic trails I’ve done.