Amok Draumr (knock off)

Hi All
AliExpress have a range of Lie Flat Hammock tents - two specifically one of which is a knock off of the Amok Draumr 3.0 at over 5 times the price.
Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 09.12.28

Anyone brought one? care to share

Years ago I camped in Sodwana (those were the glory days) in a Jungle Hammock tent, I was sand, mosquito and sandfly free also cool. Best idea for East Coast African beache camping ever.
Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 09.17.39
In the Bush I used to jack-knife my Landy and trailer and run it between the bullbar and the back of the trailer - So many amazing memories of this setup. But being bendy it wasn’t that comfortable or big or convenient. and you had to stretch it tight to get a decent nights sleep on it.

This newer version seems a brilliant idea and you can adjust the straps to make it more chair like too. Ive got a Sleeping mat to use inside it and can use a ground sheet as a Tarp.

My thoughts are that on the night(s) before the hike if youre getting an early start its nice to have second tent to leave behind in a vehicle or stash in a bush at the start before the trailhead rather than breaking your tent and packing again.

Right now Im thinking specifically for the Kruger Trail where its warm the night before, to use this in the restcamps and leave in the car. It will weight well under 2kg with decent carabiners and extra lengths of strapping and a ground sheet as a Flysheet so if youre hiking in a known wooded area could work well there too. A couple of hiking poles and some jiggery pokery with a tarpaulin and it would make a glorified insect proof lean-to if there are no trees.

So I caved and brought this lie flat hammock from Aliexpress thinking it might be as good

Stewing over the thought processes and sadly found this review after ordering:- thought maybe it can be made to work who knows but my air mat doesn’t have longitudinal structural rigidity

Long story is that I’ve slept very comfortably in it for a week but it needed the head side tying out to a third tree to hold my head up - I slept very well in it gazing up at the stars and the one night it rained I put a flysheet over it snd was dry.

I’d love to try the original amok draumr and do feel that this style of sleeping experience has merit - I was VERY comfortable…