Amphiteatre hut

Good day all,

I am new here and this is my first post since I really need some help with something.

So hiked the chain ladder a few times this December holiday, the Drakensberg never failing to disappoint as always, and on one hike we went to check out the old ranger hut. We found that it was in quite a bad shape, litter everywhere and holes in the back were the stove used to be, as well as no door. Upon arriving back at home I set out to see if something could be done about this, as I believe this could be a very nice and safe overnight spot for hikers, as well as for those who don’t like camping as much.

I emailed KZN Wildlife, suggesting that if we could get some funds from them for materials, me and a few buddies would go up one holiday and fix it up. They thanked me for the suggestion but said that if it would to be restored it would have do be done quite heavily, for the previous efforts have failed due to vandalism from the same people who are responsible for the muggings.I asked them that if I could maybe get the funding for this project, i.e casting a concrete roof and covering the holes in the wall and also implementing a system with which the windows can be opened and closed, they would support me. They kindly agreed to these terms.

So this is were I need your help. I would really appreciate any advice on how I should go about this task, as I do not have any experience in this field. Should I first try getting the plans for the hut and the maybe get quotations or try to get sponsors? Any other advice would also really be appreciated.

I know it might seem like a long shot, but I believe that if you want something to happen you should go out and make it happen and it doesn’t look like they are going to do something about it. So, I think it is time we as hiking community take things into our own hands!

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Thanks and all the best.

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I now that the Mountain Club of South Africa has tried a few time to repair this hut and now that it is a world heritage site not sure if it is possible.
It would be great if it could be repaired and hope you get it right.

Would be great if this could happen…any updates or progress worth reporting, folks?