Any reco for 2/3 days hike in Drakensberg?

Hi guys,

With a group of friends we are looking for a 2-3 days hike (why not more!) in Drakensberg.
We planned to do it for the long WE end of September.

Giant’s Cup hike looks great but not sure there is availability as it is very popular. Will check tomorrow morning with KZN wildlife. It is also a bit long but apparently we can do 2 in 1 day.

Any other recommandation?
Thanks for your help!

Hey @Ghislain

There are numerous options for hikes in the berg, the fact that you can link up the passes as it suits you is why it’s such an awesome hiking destination.

In order to provide some relevant suggestions, please provide some more detail on your group and the intended experience.

  • Group Size
  • Fitness Levels
  • Prefer camping or sleeping in caves?
  • Fear of heights?

I have a feeling that the berg, in general, is going to be very busy this coming long-weekend, especially the more popular routes and caves.

Hi Vivo,

Thanks for your help!
We are 8 people - 30 years old and all sporty (good fitness level)
We have camping equipment but not really adapted for mountain hikes I think.
We are keen to sleep in caves (as we already hiked Injisuthi) but we are concerned with the coldness.

All from Joburg we would be available for 4 days/3 nights (depends on the distance from Joburg)
So probably from Thursday morning to Sunday 12am.

I’m about to contact tour operators specialized in overnight hikes.
Any reco of hikes and/or company?


I don’t have any experience with Tour Operators in the Berg but can recommend some routes.

Note that the entire Cathedral Area is closed for hikers until further notice.

Escarpment Routes:

  1. Judges Pass – Leslies Pass (4Days, 3Nights)
  • Night 1 – Sleep near Centenary Hut or in the Hut (was just in bad shape when I went past there last year)
  • Night 2 – Sleep Injasuthi Upper Cave after ascending Judges Pass; Tag Mafadi (Highest Point in SA)
  • Night 3 – Sleep at the bottom of Leslies pass
  1. Bannermans – Langalibalele (4Days , 3Nights) (Easy Hike)
  • Night 1 – Sleep Bannermans Hut
  • Night 2 – Ascend Bannermans pass and sleep on the escarpment
  • Night 3 – Descend Langalibalele and sleep in the small berg
  1. Mnweni – Rockeries Loop (4Days, 3 Nights) (Best Views)
  • Night 1 – Sleep Chi-Chi Bush Camp
  • Night 2 – Ascend Mnweni Pass and sleep Ledgers or Mponjwane Cave
  • Night 3 – Descend Rockeries pass and sleep in the small berg.

Valley Routes

Numerous routes link up caves, the most popular will be the Injasuthi Area (Marble Baths, Grindstone etc).

September is already a lot warmer and winter sleeping gear should typically not be needed. Just check the weather before you go.

Other than the routes mentioned, there are numerous other options, I would advise sticking to more popular routes if you are unfamiliar with the berg.

Check out Vertical-Endeavour for some more thorough information on these routes, all the GPX information for the routes are also available.

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