Any tips on best route to explore Mweni over 4 days 3 nights?

Hi, my wife and I (relatively fit and adventure seeking) have heard of the beauty of Mweni area. We thought to the Mweni Marathon as a hike, but don’t want to miss out on some spectacular passes that are not necessarily on that route. Theres a great article here (Drakensberg: Introduction to Mnweni - Hiking South Africa), but doesn’t go into detail of the route itself. Any recommendations?

Mnweni is a big area. If you want to see everything worth seeing, you’ll need to make a number of trips. The Mnweni Marathon loop is a great intro to the area - and it includes two of the easiest passes in the area (Ntonjelana Pass being the other “easy” pass in the area). Just be aware that Mnweni is no joke - an easy pass at Mnweni would be one of the hardest passes in most other regions.

From a scenic perspective, I rate Ifidi and Manxome Pass to be the most scenic passes in the area, but both require a very fit and experienced team. For context - Ifidi Pass is generally rated as one of the hardest Drakensberg passes and has caused even very experienced teams to have to turn back.

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