Aqua Salveo and One Drop water purification

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone happens to have any more information or a detailed understanding of these water purification drops sold at a lot of our outdoor stores locally. I picked up a bottle at some point a while ago without giving it much thought, assumed it was a form of chlorine dioxide. Started looking at the packaging the other day and realised that is not the case. It claims to use some form of loosely defined ‘mineral ions’ as its mechanism.

Now I realise we successfully use silver particles in antimicrobial applications, and I can imagine the potential use of it in securing drinking water from bacterial growth over the long term. But I have not run into any information about it being used for water purification itself.

A lot of things about the product seem a little off. By their instructions it requires a tiny ratio to water, is taste free, environmentally benign and effective very quickly. It has broad approval claims on it ‘SABS Approved, CSIR Approved. ISO9001’, but as far as I can tell none of this has anything to do with its effectiveness for water purification. The SABS approval is about it being safe for human consumption, ISO about manufacturing standards and I can’t find anything from the CSIR. But this was just some surface digging, so stand to be corrected on all of it.

Water purification is a pretty important health and safety issue worldwide. And either we are being sold a product for this that has not been verified to work, which is rather dangerous, or we have a miracle product that outclasses everything else on the international market. Would love to know which :laughing:

Hi Jaxz

I have been a buyer for this product and have had some similar questions. I am hoping that the test results will be possible to upoad here. I also tried to upload their entire brochure here but it was tooo big so PM me if you want to have a look at that as well. The tests are pretty conclusive on how effective this product is. CSIR Test Results.pdf (2.9 MB)


Hi Jaxz

I took some chlorine tablets with on a wilderness trail in Kruger National Park this year but most of the time when we digged for water in the riverbed I didnt have my chlorine tablets with me since they were either back at camp or somewhere in my backpack. One of the other hikers had Aqua Salveo with him which I tried on various occasions during the trail and it worked great. So that is just my two cents worth.