Hi there.

My partner and I are interested in doing the Arangieskop trail, only snag is that he is a little scared of heights.
Very exposed steep sections are a problem (for instance he can’t do India Venster but is okay with Lions Head).
Has anyone who has done this trail give me any advice?

Hi, if he could do lion’s Head, he will be okay on the Arangieskop Trail. There are some steep downhills on day 2, but not very exposed. Just note that day 2 is a very rough and tiring hike and takes all day. But this a one of the greatest trails! Regards, Derek

Thank you very much!

My boyfriend did this hike with me in 2018, and he’s nervous of heights. I won’t lie, he struggled, and hated it. When we did the peak the next morning for sunrise he literally crawled over the top on his knees to get to the other side. And the downhill took us 12 hours. The path is badly eroded and completely washed away in places. If you want to do it, I would definitely suggest going down the same way you go up. And also don’t leave your car at the start, or at the Dassieshoek hut. We got accosted by some drunken youths (at 8am in the morning!), and the group just after us had all their cars broken into :frowning

But would I do it again? Absolutely, now that I know what to expect… :slight_smile:

Where would you leave your car?

Contact “Die Laatjie” (the adjacent farm/accommodation). They regularly let hikers park at their reception area.