Backpack fitting/fitters

Hey there folks!

I purchased an Osprey Aether AG backpack online and I’m really loving it, but every YouTube video mentions that it is advisable to take the pack to your local Osprey dealing for a proper fitting. Can anyone vouch for something like this, or recommend someone in the Cape Town area? I can’t imagine it being a long process, or is there something I’m missing?


Drifters. They have the measuring device thingy from Osprey. Or City Rock. Or Ram Mountainerring.

Otherwise do it yourself. Basically measure from yr iliac crest to boney vertebrae as to lean neck forward…many youtube guides on that…the pack’s comparative measurement is from roughly the middle of the hip belt to one of those arrowlike markings on the velcro back support.

Hope that helps

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Here’s a link to their manuals. Fitting is laid out.

Honestly, you can do it yourself and once “fitted by the store” you’ll probably end up fiddling with it on your own.

Thus video is good…

Sounds to me like a way to get you into the store so that they can sell you something else.
Most hikers have the capability to adjust their own backpacks.