Backpack for women


I have a 60 liter K-way backpack but the strap that goes around my middle is too big. I made it as small as it could go but it keeps on slipping down to under my hips. My upper body is also too short for its length - it’s very uncomfortable! Can anyone maybe recommend a backpack suitable for smaller women? A 50 liter pack might be better as I have to start preparing for the Otter trail. Thank you!


I’ve heard a couple of ladies rave about the Osprey Ariel AG 50. It’s quite a bit more expensive than K-Way packs, but it’ll probably be the last pack you’ll ever need - they have a lifetime guarantee, even on wear and tear.


Hi Ronel
A very rough rule of thumb is to aim for a pack that’s as big in Litres as you weigh in kg.
I am about 62kg and for 5 day hikes a 65L is perfect.
Then my best advice would be to go to the shop and try on the packs. Ask the assistant if you can load some items into it as well, so you can feel how it fits when you are carrying weight, as then you will feel the pressure points better.
Look at adjustability for back length and around your waist, as everybody’s shape is unique.
Hope this helps!
Happy shopping and enjoy the Otter!


Must agree with Arno on the Osprey here. My wife has bought an Osprey Aura 50 AG and the fit and comfort is amazing. Pricey but they have a great reputation. You also but it by size so it makes the fit that much better. This specific one comes in XS, S and M.


Hi Ronel.

I have a Deuter ACT Lite 40+10 which I bought from cape union mart. I am very short and found that this backpack fitted the best. its not bulky and still had all the space needed. I did the Otter trail and the Fishriver canyon & the odd day hike with my back pack and I really love it. it is very comfortable.

Here’s the specs of the bag:

My bag is the one on the far right.


I also have an Osprey and I love it. They have packs specifically for ladies. Different sizes as well for length. Very comfortable


Thank you Arno! It will cost me half my liver :joy: but I’m sure it’s worth it, especially if I make a point of using it as often as possible.


Thank you Bren! I should definitely do fittings. Maybe a small person should climb in and let me carry them around :joy:


Thank you @Douweg Seems Osprey have solved the problem for women. @Mignon I will definitely look into the Deuter backpack. I will also just have to travel as light as possible. Thank you @Elsabe. Where did you buy your bag? Seems not a lot of stores sell them. Thank you for the responses! If anyone know of a pre-loved ladies size backpack that anyone would like to sell, then it will be fab. Thanks!


I bought my Osprey at the hiking shop in Stellenbosch, not sure about the name. Also looked at some at Drifters, Cape town. Google the bag and see who distributes them.