Backpack repairs


I have a Vaude 95 backpack bought in the earlier 90’s. I had to keep it in storage for a while and unfortunately, the rats had a feast on one of the side pockets. Does anybody know where I can get it repaired?

Thank you

Not really.
But try this…City Rock (Mountain Mail Order) are the ones who trade in Vaude, they may be able to direct you. There’s a branch in Jhb and one in CT.
Alternatively, I know Osprey offers this “All Mighty Guarantee” meaning they will fix Osprey packs, this may mean they can help you, for a fee. The importer is Adventure Inc.

Other than that you may need to do to one of these tent manufacturers that make those bush-green things…but I reckon their solution may a bit heavy handed.

good luck

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Hi Suzette where do you live?
Rocksole in Cape Town does some decent repairs; I have had quite a few backpacks repaired there. Most cities will have someone who can properly stitch and patch heavy materials - most of these guys also do shoe repairs.

You can also try northridge back packs (, I have had two bags repaired and even altered by them. Excellent service and brilliant quality

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Thank you, I will contact them and find out if they can help me.