Backpacker elephant backpack

Morning everybody…

Well I’m new here, and being antiquated I’m not very technologically compliant…

I don’t have a cell phone… I threw it in the loo… done and dusted…

I don’t do social media what’s up & all that, I only post on forums and do a teeny tiny bit on Face-book, so forgive me If I haven’t done a profile yet

Courtesy of a wonky Achilles tendon <result of a motorbike accident and 60 years under the belt, I I don’t hike or backpack… anymore, but I still do a lot of tent camping.

But that does not mean that I’ve not been hiking / backpacking… (I believe the fundies draw a distinction)?.. Way back in the late 70’s through to the late 1980’s…

Having said that, I also collect tents & camp cookers and have quite a substantial collection of both.

My tent collection runs at about 28 and in there I have 2 Marachel Cyclometers a 101 and a 300, 3… Yes 3 Backpacker Kestrel’s… 2 kestrel III’s both with the Y adaptor, and a Kestrel II with a Y adaptor and an extension.

I also have a 5x5 SA Army tent, and do know how to pitch & break it alone…

My camp cooker collection, well that’s huge, ranging from ultra lightweight flat-pack backpacking braai to brand new caravan stove and oven

Included in this rather eclectic collection is a WW II field issue petrol stove,(Complete) a Trangia an Optimus 8 and a 1970’s SA Army issue Cadac 2 burner field issue stove… (Complete) & brand new when I got it… and an almost new and complete Globetrotter Gaz… Talking of Gaz I have examples of all three the canister systems the prick, the screw in and the turn & clip.

So If anyone wants I’ll gladly put up pictures and do posts.

OK so why am I here?

Nostalgia I think…

See, for 40 years I’ve been trying to replace the kit that I did have when I originally outfitted myself back in the late 70’s.

back when I was ripped, good looking but as poor as a church-mouse… Now I’m just poor…

What I had was the Backpacker Boulder (75L) a beige kestrel II (no Y & no extension) a backpacker Benerderm 3 seasons sleeping bag and the Globetrotter cooker & billy set

For each of us we swear by our own things, and I’m a Backpacker fasn… Yip, I know it’s antiquated, but so am I…

Heavyish, but utterly bulletproof, I can tell the tale.

So this weekend I got me mitts on this beauty. A backpacker Elephant, from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s… Guys, this is 40 years old… Look at the condition!

Perhaps one of you fundies can tell me what the literage is, and confirm that the material is codura?

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That’s some cool old school gear. I think the Elephant is 115l, which is rather substantial. Backpacker actually still makes a version.

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Sorry for late reply, haha! Canyon was 60 liter, Boulder 75 liter and Elephant 85 liter - my brother bought an Elephant. I still have a Thar, 65 liter and expandable to 90 liter - closer to modern designs. Material is what Backpacker called K code Cordura.
I’d love to buy a Backpacker Kestrel, could never afford one?

Hello ! I have a Backpacker Elephant in good condition for sale. Regards

Do you mean the tent Backpacker Kestrel?


@Christiaan Are you still wanting one?

Yes, I would be interested.

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