Badges and Patches


Quick question???

Who likes cloth badges and patches for their gear??

Does anyone know of anyone who makes or designs?

What kind of patches or badges would you like??

Let me know in the comments.


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I would love to have cloth badges to put on my rucksack for the mountain club i belong to and for trails i have done.

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We finally have Hiking South Africa embroidered patches available in our online shop:


Badges and patches seem to be an explorer thing…
Its popular among your teenage outdoor groups, 4x4 enthusiasts and some general adventure junkies. I think it hasn’t really taken hold i.t.o. hiking trails because no-one supplies them. Collecting badges is a pet project for those of us that go on expeditions (i.e. Antarctica etc.). They normally sell out. I guess you could ask Arno if hikingsa makes a good profit from them. There is several manufacturers in SA that can produce them, but I will reserve judgement as I have not worked with them directly.

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