Banghoek Nature Reserve, Duiwelskloof

Does anyone have any experience with hiking Duiwelskloof in the Banghoek nature reserve?

Can this hike be done in one day, or do you need to take a tent to sleep at the top and come down the next day?

Is the path easy to find or do you need to do it with someone who has done it before?

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It can definitely be done in a day, but spending a night in the kloof or on top is a real treat, so I would take a tent, just because it’s lekker :wink::+1:

The path into the kloof is easy to follow and from within the kloof you’ll spot the cairns. There is one section where you need scramble a bit as the kloof turns up and left, but the rest is pretty straight forward.

Shout if you need some company :smiley::+1:

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Thanks, I’m planning to try this somewhere in the beginning of next year. I must first get a proper hiking tent.

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I’ll be interested too :slightly_smiling_face: if you need more company :grin:

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Hi, Arno.

Are you at all familiar with the Bethlehem Sky Traverse trail within this nature reserve? Apaprently it is a mountain biking trail, but people are allowed to hike it.

My plan is to take a largish group of friends to do thi next weekend and I am very curious how difficult it is.

Don’t know it at all, unfortunately. Maybe a good idea to go recce it before going there with the group.

Finally going up Duiwelskloof in the middle of next month. We’ll be doing it as a two day trip. Will post some pics here after we’re done!

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Hi Gerrie,
Thanks for sharing the useful into on Duiwelskloof. Did you arrange any sort of overnight permits for the trip? There is a website for the “Banghoek Conservancy” that issues permits, but they seem to focus on mtbiking.
Also interested to know where you exited? I previously came down the kloof the same way, but am planning to try and exit on the Franschoek side in October.

Hi Alan,

I did the exact route you are planning earlier this year. You can DM me your number and I can explain the logistics if you want.

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Hi Nico. We want to hike Duiwelskloof this weekend and I have a few questions if you dont mind… not sure how to DM on the forum?