Bed Lice (Scabies)

When I was in the army in 1991 I picked up scabies from a mattress whilst on guard duty the one night away from my base camp. Not a nice experience at all and never want that again. I have 4 overnight hikes lined up this year.

Has anyone picked up bed lice from the overnight huts or are they well treated nowadays?

Is there a spray bottle of somesorts that you can take with you and spray the mattress when you arrive? Keen to hear others experiences.

Depends on where you go…No self respecting bed lice would go into some of those huts…slept in Bannermans hut just a few months ago and it was filthy and smelly. We pitched our tents inside the hut (since we paid for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), and naturally there were no mattresses.

Used to get an insecticide/repellent from Campworld in a spray bottle that were pretty good. Safe for use near food etc. I used it all the time since I’m scared of spiders…Cant find it anymore.

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Riller stories…Yes I’ve heard that to get rid of a proper infestation the bedding is burnt (extreme case), but for priority routes the mattresses are covered with plastic for this reason.
This is also why most backpackers tend to take a travel sheet to sleep in.
I think your more likely to pick up the odd bosluis.

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Haven’t had any issues on the Otter (very clean!), the Outeniqua (great facilities) or the Amatola. will only take normal insect repellent for those hikes.

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