Best Bladder on the Market

I want to purchase a Bladder but not sure which is the best. There are affordable ones at Decathlon and Sportsmans warehouse. Camelbak is just too expensive at the moment for me.

Options are Cape Storm, First Ascent or the Decathlon brand.

Any suggestions?

My general piece of advice would be to only look at versions that use a top opening slide lock of some sort. Makes them vastly easier to fill, clean and dry. The circular screw on tops have always been a nightmare. Also something with a quick disconnect valve is great, allows you to remove the bladder from a pack without taking everything out.

Haven’t tried their bladders but the First Ascent stuff has always been decent quality for me (Think they are a prosumer sub brand of Cape Union if I remember), and the bladders they have tick a lot of boxes. Could also have a look at Source and Osprey’s bags, though edging up in price.

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Thank you so much for the advice. I will definitely keep all of this in mind. I agree about the screw tops.

Will also give some feedback once I have used it. Doing Strandloper at the end of the month.

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The Osprey Hydraulics bladders are great: Osprey Hydraulics LT 2016| Buy Online at Mountain Mail Order
They come in 2 and 3 litre versions.
Platypus bladders are also great quality and top-sealing as well.

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I’ve just returned from a hike in France. I bought a 2 liter bladder with the pipe from Decathlon for R170, the 3 liter one was around R200.

If you have a contact that can bring you one from there, maybe try that. Otherwise, you could always use something like Aramex Global Shopper, and still get away cheaper than buying it locally (to my knowledge).

I can also upload a picture of mine if you need it.

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Hi. We have been using the First Ascent bladders for about two years now and never had any issues with it, even filling and cleaning them (older screw on) is a breeze. Can’t comment on the other brands.

I’ve been using a Platypus Big Zip LP 2.0L for over 7 years now (yes, same one), with no issues. Super durable.

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