Best boots for Plantar fasciitis

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to the site! :wink:
I’m doing the Otter in Mid July 2019, my 3rd visit. After a few practice walks, heavily laden, I’ve realised my Hi-tec Altitude IV’s are not gonna do it for my plantar fisciattis. Any recommendations on the best waterproof boot for a hiker struggling Plantar Fisciitis?

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Check out the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid: Great arch support, comfortable and grippy:

Another option is the Mammut Mercury: Mammut Mercury III Mid GTX Men | Buy Online at Mountain Mail Order

Most importantly, you should probably chat to a podiatrist to get the best advice.

Hi Arno
Tx very much for the reply since buying my boots is my sole purpose in life today.:upside_down_face:
I was also planning on contacting the foot guru, as advised.
Tx again, have a stunning day!

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Hi Kurtiz
You can look for insoles for Plantar fasciitis.,%20women’s%206-10,%201%20pair_b007s8xyaa/?sfdr_ptcid=27880_617_389039013&sfdr_hash=922d70754960e9c74e579fb321eec50b&gclid=CjwKCAjw0N3nBRBvEiwAHMwvNkbOjWCVYgipOiQqSBKnIcVEMRZrmJ2_WLQXVD5aS_K19nZVOnDDuRoCSFsQAvD_BwE

Tx Pixelite
I’m off to the Podiatrist this morning for an accurate diagnosis. Thereafter I’m sure your advice will come in handy, tx!

Hi All

So I’ve been to an amazing Podiatrist and she’s sorted me out in 2tix with a custom innersole after having me walk the “mat”, pretty cool, sorry Lit, how tech serves us.

Now I just need to decide between the Hi Tech Altitude VI and the Merrel Forestbound Mid WP. (my custom innersole compensates for arch support, so the original innersoles will be replaced with my custom innersoles)

Any advice out there?

Tx in advance!

Not understanding much of the $100 words in the above conversation but if it purely comes down to Merrell vs Hi-Tec my vote would be an absolute and instant Merrell any day of the week😉

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