Best hikes on Table Mountain

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I recently arrived in Cape Town and will be spending the next 3 months here enjoying the nature. So, I would like to ask the members here which trail you recommend? I been googling alot, but I am a firm beliver in going straight to the source - and hopefully i come to the right place!

Please give me your top 5 hikes + info! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Michael Kobeke
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Hey Michael, there are a number of fantastic hikes up Table Mountain, but if it’s your first time, then ticking of the classics are a must: Platteklip Gorge, India Venster, Kasteelspoort, Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine.

Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine can be on the same day - Go up Skeleton Gorge and down Nursery Ravine. For more information on other hikes and scrambles on Table Mountain, check out Tony Lourens’ “Table Mountain Classics


Hi Michael it may be in your best interest to hike with one of the hiking clubs based in Cape Town that know the mountain well.

All the best.

Welcome to Cape Town.
I always hike in large groups, much safer.
I use the app called and follow various hiking groups on there.
My favourite is called ‘Outdoor Cape Town’. Nice steady pace with lots of breaks to take photos and rest.
At the moment we are hiking just out of cape town on routes that have waterfalls.

Hey, this sounds like fun…

I am also a firm believer in not every hike is equally beautiful to all. So here is my picks:

Best views:

  1. Silvermine reserve/or Chapmans peak drive to the Peak
    Chapman's Peak Hiking Trail - Chapmans Peak Drive
  2. Kirstenbosch botanical garden- Nursery ravine (reaaaaallly steep, so go up skeleton gorge come down nursery ravine ps. also rock climbing routes here)
  3. Silvermine reserve- Elephants eye
  4. Kasteelpoort hiking trail
  5. Platteklip gorge (You can even do the cable car up and the walk down-early morning NOT mid day)
    6-Honorary hike: Cape Point NR…several fantastic views around the point and Dias Beach.
    (PS. This is a DRIIIVE, aka 1.5h- 2h depending on traffic.)

Areas to be cautious alone: Houtbay/ Constantia nek, Silvermine East have higher than average crime rates