Best "Low-Budget" Hiking Boots

Hi Guys,
I’m looking to buy general hiking boots, and my budget is around R1500,
I’m currently looking at the K-Way Edge2 and Hi-Tec Wildfire Gamekeepers.
What do you guys think of these, and do you have any recommendations?
Thank you!

After years of going through boots, (I have been hiking for over 30 yrs) trust me that certain brands says ‘its waterproof’ it does not mean much. Hitec lives up to their promises, so go with the wildfire. Waterproofing and Grip probably are the most important things you need and when Hitec says they have it they will.

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The Edge2 and Wildfire will both probably score high in the comfort and weight categories, but will not be as durable and supportive as a full leather boot.
Hi-Tec currently has the Altitude OX on sale which looks like fantastic value for money:
Or alternatively the Altitude V Ultra:

The classic Jim Green Razorbacks are indestructible and also in your price range, but are comparatively heavy and not as comfy as the modern lightweight boots.

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Hallo Adriaan. Ek het so 4 x dagstappe en 1 x tweedag-staptog terug, vir my Hi-Tec Altitutde OX i WP stapskoene gekoop. Persoonlik dink ek die skoene is great! Dit dra regtig gemaklik - goeie ondersteunende binnesole, goeie buitesole wat vastrap en nie sommer gly in die nat weer op klippe nie, ondersteunend vir die enkels, die tong is vasgewerk en die skoene gedra hul goed selfs met 'n swaar stapsak. (Die donkerbruin is ook baie mooi as jy een van die ouens is wat met 'n “rugget look” en nuwe skoene in die stad wil spog…hahaha) Op die tweedag-staptog het ons in ligte reen gestap vir 'n halwe dag - geen probleme ervaar nie aangesien die goed waterdig is. Die bo-leer begin reeds effens tekens toon van harde stap, maar dis logies. Die skoene is tans by Hi-Tec ook op 'n spesiale aanbod van R1599 wat beslis binne jou begroting val. Ek beveel die skoene aan.

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Get yourself a pair of Jim Green Razorbacks
Best boots for R1499
You will not be sorry
SA made.
Google Jim Green
Online store
They last and can be resoled.
Just wear them in well.


Thank you for all your suggestions! I went with the Altitude OX, and I’m very impressed with the “out of the box” comfort! Hopefully I can take them out for a hike soon!

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Not sure how good 2nd hand boots are but I have a pair of keens, only worn a few times while travelling NZ. Not even hiked in. If you interested, let me know.

Its been few months down the line since you went with these

Id be very interested to hear the feedback.
i would Suggest Jim Green Monsters (waterproof) or Razorbacks (very wide foot box) they’re in the price range and extremely durable, seriously chuffed with my Razorbacks
I was considering the Gamekeepers too

I have the Razorbacks and very solid boot but takes some breaking in. I am a big fan of Hitec altitudes. Did a wet amatola in my 2nd pair with very little hiking before hand. They performed brilliantly, nice and wide, light weight and all round a solid boot in its price range. My go to boot when hiking also not going to break the bank.

I brought my Razorbacks on 3rd May and descended into the Fish River Canyon on the 9th of May - not a single blister hot spot or niggle, literally 3 walks with the dog to break them in and wore two pairs of socks. In June I did over 200km in them. Maybe Im lucky but best boots ever.
they’ve had three hard long hikes and have performed faultlessly, carrying over 20Kg’s that pretty impressive for any price.

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I see talk about Jim Green Razorbacks. Herewith a unsolicited epoch of praise at their splendour

I have the Frontline Double Layer boots, which is similar (identical) to the Razorbacks. For my purposes, they are the best boots ever. Cheap, durable (DURABLE), and fit my wide feet. The soles eventually wore off, got them replaced with Vibram soles. Not waterproof, water resistant at best, but with thick wool socks I walk summer, winter (snow) and everything in-between. Currently 4.5 years old and probably 800km+ on them, lots of fynbos off-trail and heavy packs and they are only this year starting to show signs of wear. And they are my winter boots for rainy days. And they get lots of compliments. I could go on…

The only drawback is the weight. Mine are 1kg per boot (Size 10) for the double layer leather with Vibram soles (used to be a bit lighter with the REP soles). You need to be fully aware of this handicap. And they took me 6 months to wear in properly.

For the above two reasons alone, I would not recommend them to anyone. But I will gladly tell you how much I love my pair! Would only recommend them to the really strong, the really stupid, the super thrifty, or those that like walking slowly. In my opinion they may cause serious blisters in people with “soft” feet, especially in the beginning. But once walked in they are very comfortable.