Binoculars - nothing fancy or too techie

Hi All - Hoping you’ll help. I need binoculars but nothing fancy or hectic with technicalities. Whats your thoughts on this please

or even this

Hi Lerato,

What do you want to use these binoculars for? Do you need them to be water or fog proof?

Both brands and models listed are good entry level, compact options. both of them are almost identical in terms of quality.

Have a look at this too, another great entry level option:

This is so much appreciated - thank you so so much Kyle. I will be getting this soon !!!

I know its way too late, but adding to the resource, having found myself revisiting Binoculars a few years later:

Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25 are reasonably priced, very user friendly and optically very good, they fit in a top shirt pocket, so you can take them anywhere, and hiking - looking for the trail ahead of you, they’re surprisingly helpful.
Considerably better quality optically and physically than equivalent Tasco or generic branded binoculars.
Vortex are now producing some excellent Binoculars and absolutely worth looking into

Next step up is the Nikon Monarch 5 8x30 but weight wise these are too close to the 8x42’s so you may as well get these for under R10,000 (!!) but these are serious birding binoculars and probably not suited to the rough and tumble of hiking.

We use Vortex Solo Monocular 8x25. Lightest weight, right at your fingertips all the time. We found this is the best as it’s great to have some optics, but if they aren’t right there when you need them, the opportunity normally flies away. With this small form factor we can take it running or cycling as well!

If binoculars are preferred, the Vortex Diamondback HD is a no brainer. The quality at this price point is phenomenal. (8x42)

Having used binoculars ranging from ones so terrible you may as well not have them, to spectacular Swarovski’s, I would say Lynx Series 44 are the best value-for-money binoculars I’ve used. Exceptional quality for the price.