Blisters between my toes

I don’t know if anyone will be able to relate, but my big toes do a funny thing when I walk long distances for a couple of days. They end up slightly folding in under my second toe which eventually creates a blister on the inside of my big toe. I’ve tried taping my big toe, but the chafing ends up causing a blister on the second toe.

The solution came after visiting Drifters. I spotted a pair of Injinji liner toe-socks. I bought a pair to try out and after my first multi-day hike without any foot discomfort AT ALL I went back and bought another two pairs.

They have the added benefit of being a liner sock which allows your foot to move inside your thicker hiking sock. This reduces friction on your skin and minimizes the risk of blisters overall.

You can get them from Drifters and Sportsmans Warehouse I think.

Happy hiking!


good socks are as important as good shoes! haven’t personally used the double sock system but it clearly works well.
when doing long walks even the slightest bit of chafing or “hot spots” can turn into blisters. i have found that applying a bit of lubricating cream in the mornings on areas that chafe (including feet), significantly reduces the problem - and here i swear by chamois / bum-cream used by cyclists. also works well for hip-belt chafe or anywhere else for that matter :slight_smile:


Totally agree. Chamois cream is awesome for reducing hip-belt chaffe!

I can certainly relate, Arno!
I used to get the same - just with my little toes!
But that was back in the day when hiking shoes were Hi-Tecs…
I also found that just taping the toe that gets blistered beforehand helps in the same way that the socks do.
For any blisters: as soon as you feel that hot spot… stop and tape… preventing the blister is MUCH more pleasant than trooping on with one!
Or, like we say in Afrikaans… plak of k@k! :smiley:


where is drifters in Johannesburg ?

I also always suffered from blisters on my big toes. My last hike I bought some leukotape and just taped my toes that felt worn after the first days walk. Didn’t get a single blister on that hike. Never going on a hike again without that stuff! Will keep my eye out for those socks as well.

I had really big blister problems because my toes curve naturally. Then I had this long talk with two old BTK hiking enthusiasts that have just about covered everything. They said it is not just about the shoe but about the sock thickness as well. So being a scientist I did 18+km days in falcon, bridgedale, kway etc and found my sweet spot. Funny enough, I do have injujin socks for my 5finger vibrams (which work like a dream for coastal hikes). Once I matched the correct sock with shoes =no more blisters. I do still carry those gel/silicone based toe covers for incase (they work like a charm and you can get them from Clicks).

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