Booking Orange Kloof

Does anyone know the name or number of the person to contact for booking a hike in Orange Kloof? All the extensions for the SAN Parks Tokai office are on voice mail.

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I think you can only get permits via a hike leader, they’re not easy to get. I did the hike last year, nice and quiet as the number of tickets per day are very limited.

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Hi, call the Mountain Club of SA to see if they can assist. The hike leader must be registered with them.
021 4653412

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Last info I received from them…
" All Weekends (Fri; Sat and Sunday’s) including Public Holiday’s for the Year 2022 = Are Booked Out
For any other urgent matters contact the Office on (021) 422-1601 or (021) 4222-803."

It’s required that you go with a registered guide or a MCSA member (needs a CAP number). If you’re keen to go in the week I can take you or try hook you up with someone that can take groups. limited to 12 per day.

edit: orange Kloof and hells gate requires different permits btw. it’s also not highly promoted as there are lots of rogue hikers from the dam wall. it’s a HIGHLY sensitive area with ancient flora.

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MCSA member or registered guide needed?This is all new info to me. Where is this information publicised?


I am a member of the MCSA, but looks like I would still require a guide to do Hell’s Gates and Woodhead Tunnel etc. That’s frustrating.

Hi all,

Opening this thread again. Do you perhaps know of any guides that can take a group into Orange Kloof?
Very interested in doing this hike.

Kind regards