Boots for Multiple Purposes

I’m sure there’s a couple of threads on this topic (and read a few) but my situation is a bit different, so hoped someone would not mind giving some thoughts.

I mix up riding (motorcycle) / camping / paragliding and hiking.
The hiking pretty much just walking up hills for takeoff but to be honest did it for the first time last weekend (and it’s awesome!) but afterward realized I should look at boots / shoes after walking up with a pair of Adidas hiking boots. (got this bone growth on the side of my one foot making that one a bit wider and it hurt like mad for 2 days after)

Had half a mind go with just good outdoor shoes, but rather ask here since I’m not sure how easy it is to hurt yourself especially with an over 15kg pack on your back (wing, harness, water)
It’s also good to rather fly with good ankle protection (landings)

but so many choices I don’t know where to start. I’m not so much worried about waterproof (if that matter) since I never encounter that in what I do

Any tips / advise on where to start?

The Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX has been called the most comfortable and versatile hiking boot by some reviewers, including Outdoor Gearlab. They’re expensive, but excellent boots.


Hi did you look at the Jim Green boots. I bought a pair of Razorbacks and am happy with them. There is a review somewhere on the site.

Hi Guys,

Yep looked at both those and “me being me” (plus convinced the missus to buy for me) I think I’ll go with the Salamon’s.

Just 1 question for those with wide feet like mine, they not perhaps know for being narrow? (asking because the boots I wanted to get for riding [motorbike] I luckily found out the last moment they are know for being narrrow)

It’s kind of important for me since my one foot is a bit wider than the other (bone that kept growing over years after an injury years ago)

Either case, thanks fo the advise!


I have a wide forefoot (can’t wear LaSportivas) and a high arch and the Salamon Quest’s fit me perfectly.

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