Boots - La sportiva or Salomon?

La Sportiva Raptor ii goretex
Salomon Quest 4 goretex

Looking for a more waterproof multi use 1-2-3 season boot
Tried both and found a good fit in each.

They’re not as wide as I’m used to but still comfortable cushioned and deeply supportive

For the price I figure I’d like them to last as long as possible but the tread wears out soonest on all my boots

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Personally I will go for the La Sportiva, I have had a number of different styles in their range and have had the least issues from La Sportiva than any other brand. I currently use a pair of Trango’s and they were extremely comfortable straight out of the box.
I must admit I don’t know much about the Salomon hiking boot range but I have seem quite a few pairs not lasting as long as they should.


I know they are not on your list, but I’d recommend the Scarpa Ribelle HD
I had my first pair for 5 years and done easily 1500k’s and then pulled them out of retirement to ware now daily on the farm while working.
Got a new second pair to keep hiking and climbing… :grin:


I currently have the La SportivaTrango Trek and previously had 2 pairs of Salomon Quest 4s.
The Quest 4’s were super comfy straight out the box and without wearing them in did a 5 day hike but didn’t get much mileage out of them on both pairs. The La Sportivas I’m getting much bang for my buck.


Can’t comment on the specific boots - but as a general rule, I’d always go La Sportiva over Salomon. I’ve owned La Sportiva hiking boots and climbing shoes in the past, they make amazing quality products. The footwear I’ve done the most distance in is my La Sportiva Tibet hiking boots - which have been up Kili, done a Drakensberg Grand Traverse and many other hikes - and are still in great shape despite being about 10 years old with over 1000km distance done. I was very disappointed with my old Salomon boots, which feel apart after about 400km - I did my first Drakensberg Grand Traverse in my Salomon boots.

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Thanks for this - tried on and they’re too mountain orientated - Ive no idea how you manage on the flat hot Plaas with them.
Pretty awesome though! certainly swayed me towards La Sportiva over Salomon.

…When you are a boot man, you are a boot man and even go to town in those :rofl:

My experience with Salomon is that they are too narrow for my feet. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with La Sportiva, but people who own them do rate them highly. Another brand which people also rate highly is Scarpa. I am looking into getting a pair of Scarpa Rush TRK. But at the end of the day it all depends on your own needs and your foot anatomy.

After extensive trialing I’ve found my next boot
They’re slightly heavy but feel fabulous under uneven terrain snd have an elevated toe rocker.

Loads of other boots on the list but for longevity comfort under heavy pack these are the way

I looked these yonks ago, I mean online at least, very very drool-worthy and highly sought after. Think you made a stellar choice.