Buffelsrivier / Moordenaarskaroo hike 21-27 March 2019

New 6-day slack packing hike along the Buffels river into the heart of the Moordenaarskaroo
21-27 March 2019
Max 12 people
Contact Fránci Vosloo at 0833866270 (whatsapp only) or francivosloo1@gmail.com

The hike starts about 18km north of Laingsburg on the dirt road between Laingsburg and Sutherland, and stretches over 90km (6 days) along the Buffelsrivier to its origin on the magnificent Komsberg plateau. From here one has a panoramic view of the whole of the Moordenaarskaroo. This is a truly unique experience. All you carry is a daypack, the rest we transport to the next campsite. And of course you’ll get to enjoy some wonderful food!

Buffelsrivier/Moordenaarskaroo-staptog 21-27 Maart 2019. Nuwe 6-dag-gemakstap in die enigmatiese Buffelsrivier deur die hart van die Moordenaarskaroo.

Maksimum 12 stappers

Kontak Fránci Vosloo by 0833866270 (slegs whatsapp) of francivosloo1@gmail.com

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Any fotos of the trail and overnight spots?

Hi please tell us more.

Hi! I’ve edited the post and added some photo’s. If you’d like to know more, e-mail me!

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Hi. I’ve edited the post and added some photo’s! If you’d like to know more, please e-mail me

You can also see more information regarding the trail here: Kom stap die Moordenaarskaroo-roete | Weg

We reccie’d the hike last year April/May - I’ll try & find some more pics of one or 2 camping spots & share in the next few days.

You hike with day pack only, most of the terrain is pretty flat, apart from (I think it would now be) the last 2 days. The terrain also varies from sandy/rocky terrain as you are walking most of the way in or next to the (dry) riverbed, switching to some jeep track the last two days. It’s quite interesting to see how landscape changes as you hit the upper part of the river, and nice to see where you’ve come from when you get to the plateau.