Hi Guys
I’m not sure if this forum is only for South African trails,so please feel free to delete if I am out of bounds.
I would love some advice, though. I am planning to do part of the Camino in Spain with my sister in September. I am so excited!
What I would like to know is, would you recommend proper hiking boots, or rather something like running shoes or trail running shoes? I have a pair of HiTec hiking boots, that is well worn-in and super comfy, but I am unsure if they are overkill? If I need to buy trailrunning shoes, I would like to do that now already, so that I can wear them in before September.
Thank you for your advice, I am sure there are Camino-hikers on this forum.

Hi there
This forum is for all things hiking for South Africans - so no place on the planet is out-of-bounds :slight_smile:
Regarding shoes - no one answer will cover all the possibilities, so just some things I will consider:
How far will you walk on average per day? Camino hiking is longer but less technical than most hiking trails; many people cover 25+km per day which means a lot more steps and a longer stride - i.e. less strain on ankles but more impact on the soles of your feet; hence comfort is important.
How heavy will your backpack be? The heavier the more ankle & heel support you will need.
What will the temperatures be like (lighter, breathable shoes when its very hot)?

My wife hiked the full Camino some years ago with running shoes and got severe achilles-heel tendonitis because the heel support wasn’t sufficient. She bought some mid-weight hiking boots on the route and finished without any problems.(My wife says definitely worn-in, light/mid-weight comfy hiking boots :wink:

All things considered I would go with well worn in mid / light-weight hiking boots.
Remember, sock quality is as important as shoes - get proper wool-blend hiking socks and wear thin liner socks / a little anti-chafe cream to keep blisters away.

Good luck! Bon Camino!


Hi My wife Gill and I tackled our first Camino,
In 2017, me in my trusty Hitec hiking boots which I had just done the Naukluft and Fish river in and she in a pair of Merrill trail shoes. By day 3 both our feet were shot and Gill was on anti inflammatories. I finished this Camino in thin sandels, my after hike footwear, and Gill in a pair of Keen CNX sandels. We both wore socks (800km)
Last year we walked various Camino routes including the Primitivo, covering just under 1000km in 39 days. We both wore Keen CNX sandels with socks. It fortunately didn’t rain, so cannot comment on how we would have coped in the wet, but we had no foot issues, at all. You will do a lot of pavement pounding and I believe this is where the problems arise. For interest our daily budget was €30 per day for the 2 of us. If you are going to start at SJPP I would recommend you spend the first night at Orisson, it is expensive by my standard but well worth the expense for the experience. We plan to walk again this year starting in September as well

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