Camp shoes

What do you guys wear as camp shoes?
Any preferences?
@ruth suggested Crocs as they protect your toes, are super light and can be used for river crossings.

Anybody with other suggestions out there?

I could recommend Salomon Tecamphibians. Hard to find nowadays though…got ours from Cape Union.

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I agree on crocs. I did the otter trail a few years back and only realised once I arrived that I had forgotten to pack my camp shoes (light tekkies). Shot to pick n pay in plett on got a pair of croc rip offs for R35! I was blown away at how versatile and comfy these shoes were for the price. Fast forward 2 years on the Camino I met plenty folk who were using crocs and socks as their only pair of hiking shoes… I think for the weight and versatility I am happy to chuck my crocs on the back of my pack with a carabiner.

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I am a very firm believer in crocs
I have even done 5 day treks in them
Here is a link where I go into more detail:

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Thank you @Spaniel, @Naartjie and @antonroland.
I’ll be visiting the Crocs store soon.

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I got some Croc ripoffs which are significantly lighter than the genuine article. Worth considering as Crocs tend to be a bit weighty.

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In summer, plakkies. In winter, water booties (the type you would use wading through rockpools). Cheap, light, etc. Or if you want to spend some money, Kway (and I think FA) also now makes down-filled “hut booties” which are great.

Im guessing you don’t mean Pink Veldskoen?

Un-PC Humour aside - I wouldn’t be without my five fingers toe shoes - They’re weird and a faf to put on, absolutely no thermal value at all but for that bare foot untrapped “free” feeling theres nothing better. Also Toe socks are a god send for hiking (If you can get used to them)
They also make great wet shoes, both beach and rivers, although they do trap sand inside the toe pockets they dry quickly.

There are also those thermal booties that Ive been so jealous of like these:
(Hey look these fill both versions of “camp” shoes!)

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There are Croc ripoffs??:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Lol @scubafrique
I decided on a pair of Crocs. (pity I couldn’t find any knock-offs…)