Camping (fireless) in forests

Excuse this totally ignorant n00b question.

Flying at a new site, that like many in the area are inside these sappi forests (I assume, near Ngodwana, and these plantations everywhere) I could not help to wonder if one would get in trouble setting up your tent for the night just to get to the next morning.
Goes without saying zero fires ,smoking, etc.

Is this even allowed or … ? No clue, just thought it’s so nice where I’ve been I would sommer sleep on the grass eating biscuits for dinner.

Again, feel really silly asking, so chill on the critic for a stupid idea. lol

As far as I know, camping anywhere other than wilderness areas (where you would need a permit for the general area anyway), you would need some kind of permission and there will most likely be payment involved.

That being said, if you’re concerned about getting in trouble for “stealth camping” without a permit, rather get hold of someone in charge at the forestry station - you might get a warm welcome and be able to cook a warm meal without fear of being caught. Many hiking trails go through, or are entirely managed by, forestry stations, so having people camp on their property is not a new thing.

Shot, will drop them a mail

Unfortunately not allowed

I regret to inform you that Sappi does not have any hiking facilities or allow hiking through Sappi’s plantations.

Last weekend I took some plantation roads on my motorcycle.
Went past many people working there, trucks, what seems to be some people in charge, nobody bothered me (as the matter of fact, I was “rescued” by a truck driver when I got totally lost)

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