Cape Nature Expensive Pricing

Hi All

I just wanted to know what others think about Cape Nature’s pricing for overnight wilderness hiking. I think it has really got quite outrageous over the last few years. I booked a hike now in the Northern Cederberg and they are charging R140 a night per a person. That is excluding a R60 conservation fee. I completely get the serviced campsites like Algeria, Kliphuis etc. being expensive as there are fixed running costs, however wilderness camping is not something that should be exclusionary based on price. Especially after already paying R60 entrance fee into the reserve.

Just for interest sake, I still have a log from a hike I did in 2008. Back then it was R28 a person per a night. This is increase of over 13% year on year.

Anyone else share a similar sentiment?

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Yoh that is getting really steep! You pitch a tent at Sanddrif for cheaper per person if you’re a group of 3 or 4. I do get that the Cederberg is vast and that Cape Nature probably tries to earn fees any way they can to be able to cover their operational costs, but it’s getting a bit out of hand.
For interest sake, Table Mountain National Park generates R300m per year (2019) for SAN Parks but gets allocated only R115m for their budget; the “profit” cross-subsidises less profitable parks (which is just fine by me; big win for conservation). I don’t think Cape Nature has such a big money spinner in their portfolio though.
That said, we should definitely start complaining - R200 pp per night for wild camping is just not ayoba…

I guess one has to know what one is paying for to establish whether it’s a fair price…are firebreaks being cut? how about alien plant removal? how many employees? do they break tools often or look after them? is this just a reflection of a price plotted somewhere between catering for rich Europeans and locals? is it just another teat to milk us from? where does the bob come from, if not us?
And to know all this you’d have to dig in places you won’t be welcomed, perhaps even allowed, to dig.

To me, this is not ‘that expensive’, but neither is it cheap. My cousin, “Muishond”, who lives in CT complains about the CN pricing too, but he complains about many things. So I don’t know. We’ve just booked 4nights/5days-2pax in Wolkberg and that’s cost us R900. I do get the feeling that we’re being put into a corner, not to mention general inflation becoming something awful, and it’s going to get worse.

What I hate is being treated like a tourist in my own country, that kind of thing. And the irreversible non-negotiable nature of these price hikes. No one likes being treated like fruit tree. Or have we just had it too good for so many years? Seems to require more thought than reaction. That said - perhaps it’s time for a petition, some good old social action? Perhaps locals should be able to purchase a SANPARKS Wild Card type deal, something at a sweeter price? Something to push CN towards.