Cape of good hope trail

Hey alll! You’ve got here a great website and forum with loads of very useful info! thanks a lot! I am going to be in Cape Town for a few days next week and wanted to do the cape of good hope hiking. Unfortunately the South Africa National Park contact I reached out for the booking told me that it’s minimum for 2 people and as such I can’t do it. Besides the huts of SANParks is there any other accomodation that I could stay in along the trail? or is it feasible to just stay with my sleeping bag and tent since I don’t think it’s manageable to do it in a single day? thanks so much!!!

Wild camping is not allowed in the Cape of Good Hope reserve. The SANParks huts are the only option unfortunately. That being said, I think you’d get more bang for your buck doing a few day hikes in the reserve instead of doing the 2-day trail. There are lots gems in the reserve than one doesn’t go past on the 2-day trail, or you don’t necessarily have the time to fully enjoy them.

Thanks Arno for the feedback! I will then stay at Smitswinkel Tent ( and do various hikes in and out. What are the gems you are referring to that I should put in my must stops? Many thanks!!

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Here’s a link to some great spots in the reserve: Best short walks and hikes around Cape Point – Cape Point

Venus Pools is also a lovely spot.