Cederberg Aug Hike & Camp

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Cederberg to do the central circuit and wild camp for 5 days in August. We will have good base layers as well as warm sleeping bags. Do you think it will be too cold to do? Or is Cederberg in august doable with the right equipment?

Thank you!

Hi Estee

I personally love Cederberg in the winter so in my opinion definitely doable but yes, with the right gear.

Weather can change quickly and it can get kind of cold at night (5 degrees on colder nights) potentially even snow (higher peaks more likely). But luckily on the central circuit you will have back up huts (Crystal pools, Sleeppad, Sneeuberg) in case weather turns for the worst on route. So that’s one amazing thing of having those. You also have Sanddrif, Driehoek and Algeria in the vicinity if you guys rather decide to walk out if the weather turns.

A decent 3/4 season sleep system with winter apparel would suffice :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this message and the encouragement. I’m so excited!

As others have said it is doable and can be and usually is magical

[But with appropriate gear]

Water is not that much of an issue in winter but a good “R rated mat” is imperative together with layers for when the weather turns.

Just to reiterate forecasts are pretty accurate but over 5 days your forecast can change.
Watch a barometer as in later winter/early spring you’ve got transitional winds and that weather can come down fast, in a 4 hour window it can go from a balmy 18C to 30cm of snow blackout and progressively worse throughout the night.
So if you see the barometer rise slowly and then start to fall sharply you want to be thinking shelter or exit.

So helpful. Thank you

Please tell us about your experience after your trip.

As said, with warm gear it is really awesome that time of year, but it can get ‘sporty’ quickly so watch the weather.