Cederberg Grand Traverse?


Hi guys

Wondering if there’s an “official” Cederberg Grand Traverse (something similar to the Drakensberg GT where there’s a start, finish and compulsory peaks to be ticked-off in between)? Anybody know of / done something like this?

If not, the idea I have is:
Start: Kliphuis campsite (Pakhuis pass)
Peaks: Groot Krakadouw; Sneeukop; Tafelberg; Wolfberg; Sneeuberg; Luna Peak
Finish: Kromrivier campsite

Would love any suggestions, feedback etc.



Hi Willem

I am not aware of an “official” Cederberg Grand Traverse, but there are a couple of routes. I think the closest to an official grand traverse is the Rim of Africa: Traverse 1, which covers the Cederberg section. You can read about it on this article - https://www.hikingsouthafrica.co.za/rim-of-africa-cederberg-traverse/.

Alternatively, there’s the route used for the Cederberg Traverse trail race, which starts at Algeria and ends at Sanddrif - https://energyevents.co.za/event/cederberg-traverse-2019/.

There is also the 5-day, 72-km Central Cederberg Circuit route, which starts and ends at Algeria - https://www.hikingsouthafrica.co.za/central-cederberg-circuit/. The 8-night Cederberg 100 route of the Cederberg Heritage Trail covers 100km along the spine of Cederberg, however this appears to be slackpacking only - https://www.dirtyboots.co.za/content/activity-of-the-month/slackpacking-the-cederberg-heritage-trail.

There are many trails, and it would be really nice if there was an official grand traverse of Cederberg, but I don’t believe there currently is such a trail.


HI Kosie
Thanks for all the links and info :slight_smile:
I have had some discussions with friends who are regular Cederberg explorers, as well as Stijn Laenen who did an 8-day exploratory traverse a few months ago.
There seems to be general agreement that the Cederberg does not quite lend itself to a classic traverse line like the Drakensberg does - a lot of the terrain cannot be crossed safely on foot and most of the peaks do not allow you to go up one side and down the other - hence ticking peaks will be there-and-back excursions.
But for interest sake, we are proposing the following route:
Start - Kliphuis Campsite (Pakhuis pass)
Peaks to tick off: Groot Krakadouw - Sneeukop - Tafelberg - Sneeuberg - Luna peak - Sandfontein peak
Finish at Suikerbossie guest farm
Off limits: The Kliphuis -Heuningvlei jeep track (route takes you through Amon-se-poort and Krakaouw poort).

The route will be a great experience that will also push one physically. Should take 7 to 10-days.


Hi Willem,

The route you have indicated sounds ideal, and follows a good line … I’d be quite keen to trek it.


Now THAT is a 5-star hike :heart_eyes: Winter 2019 sorted!


Yes!! :smiley: