Cederberg Grand Traverse!

Hi guys

Wondering if there’s an “official” Cederberg Grand Traverse (something similar to the Drakensberg GT where there’s a start, finish and compulsory peaks to be ticked-off in between)? Anybody know of / done something like this?

If not, the idea I have is:
Start: Kliphuis campsite (Pakhuis pass)
Peaks: Groot Krakadouw; Sneeukop; Tafelberg; Wolfberg; Sneeuberg; Luna Peak
Finish: Kromrivier campsite

Would love any suggestions, feedback etc.


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Hi Willem

I am not aware of an “official” Cederberg Grand Traverse, but there are a couple of routes. I think the closest to an official grand traverse is the Rim of Africa: Traverse 1, which covers the Cederberg section. You can read about it on this article - https://www.hikingsouthafrica.co.za/rim-of-africa-cederberg-traverse/.

Alternatively, there’s the route used for the Cederberg Traverse trail race, which starts at Algeria and ends at Sanddrif - https://energyevents.co.za/event/cederberg-traverse-2019/.

There is also the 5-day, 72-km Central Cederberg Circuit route, which starts and ends at Algeria - https://www.hikingsouthafrica.co.za/central-cederberg-circuit/. The 8-night Cederberg 100 route of the Cederberg Heritage Trail covers 100km along the spine of Cederberg, however this appears to be slackpacking only - https://www.dirtyboots.co.za/content/activity-of-the-month/slackpacking-the-cederberg-heritage-trail.

There are many trails, and it would be really nice if there was an official grand traverse of Cederberg, but I don’t believe there currently is such a trail.

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HI Kosie
Thanks for all the links and info :slight_smile:
I have had some discussions with friends who are regular Cederberg explorers, as well as Stijn Laenen who did an 8-day exploratory traverse a few months ago.
There seems to be general agreement that the Cederberg does not quite lend itself to a classic traverse line like the Drakensberg does - a lot of the terrain cannot be crossed safely on foot and most of the peaks do not allow you to go up one side and down the other - hence ticking peaks will be there-and-back excursions.
But for interest sake, we are proposing the following route:
Start - Kliphuis Campsite (Pakhuis pass)
Peaks to tick off: Groot Krakadouw - Sneeukop - Tafelberg - Sneeuberg - Luna peak - Sandfontein peak
Finish at Suikerbossie guest farm
Off limits: The Kliphuis -Heuningvlei jeep track (route takes you through Amon-se-poort and Krakaouw poort).

The route will be a great experience that will also push one physically. Should take 7 to 10-days.


Hi Willem,

The route you have indicated sounds ideal, and follows a good line … I’d be quite keen to trek it.

Now THAT is a 5-star hike :heart_eyes: Winter 2019 sorted!

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Yes!! :smiley:

Last week Arno van der Heever, Dan Manners and Marian Penso completed the first(?) CGT on the proposed route - taking 9-days in total (a day lost due to last weekend’s big storm. Think Arno will do a proper write-up in due course, but for now the suggested route parameters are as follows:
Kliphuis campsite - Groot Krakadouw peak - Sneeukop - Tafelberg - Sneeuberg - Apollo/Luna peak - Gideonskop (finished at Suikerbossie guest farm).
Unsupported and doing it in a continuous push.

Hikers can use any trails / jeeptracks - making Heuningvlei jeeptrack “off limits” seems too convoluted since there are significant sections on other jeeptracks and dirt roads. Hikers can decide for themselves what mix of efficiency and aesthetic they prefer. Maximising time on trails will add a day or two to the traverse.

To summit Apollo peak one is required to do a low-grade free solo on a vertical face; hence the summit NOT a requirement for the CGT; either getting to the Neck (around 12m below summit) between the main summit and the Block on the east side / or summit Luna Peak is considered a tick for CGT purposes.

Lastly, leaving the trails south of Sneeuberg requires proper navigation skills and it slows things down going off-trail; make sure you budget enough time to get to Apollo peak and Gideonskop. The landscapes are out-of-this-world though!

Overall an excellent route with some real adventure, planning and distance thrown in. Thanks to Ant Hall and Stijn Laenen for all the advice and info!


Thanks @WillemB :smiley::+1: It was a proper adventure! Write-up and video is on its way :wink:
Unfortunately my tracker died at Doc’s Rock, but here is our route up to that point:


Here’s a video of our adventure:


Looks great. Another one for my list. Thanks

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Hi @UrbanCr33per

I see the RIM OF AFRICA organisers are have a ‘sale’ on the 10th birthday of this hike. Next traverse starts on 24 September 2019, at a cost of R4765.00 instead of R8600.00.


Cool! That sounds like a good deal. Thanks @KAREEMAH , I will check it out.

Looks nice Arno, I see it is on All Trails Cederberg Traverse, Western Cape, South Africa - 2 Reviews, Map | AllTrails

Is there a good time of the year to go when it isn’t too hot or too cold and can fill up water each day?

A small group of us are going to have a bash at CBGT in spring. We are familiar with 95% of the route, but just wondering what’s the best ie more economical way of getting from Sneeuberg through to Doc’s Rock?


Late winter, early spring is usually your best bet, for enough water, moderate temps and not too much rain. That being said, it is the mountains, so anything’s possible. We’ve had heat waves in July and frost in January.

I wish I could give you a defined path, but we just tried to reduce unnecessary up and down and kind of followed our noses. Aim for Apex Peak and descend to Doc’s Rock from there.