Cederberg mountain peak advice


A friend and I are planning a 10 day self supported trip through the Cederberg. The objective is to summit 10 1500m+ peaks in 10 days, we plan to cycle between the peak trail heads and run/hike up and down the peaks. We have planned the cycle route, however we are struggling to get hold of proper maps/guides for some of the peaks. Based on the Slingsby map there aren’t paths to the summit of some of the peaks, and while we can attempt a scramble on some of them ideally we would rather want to have at least a rough idea of the safest way to summit. Theses are the peaks we are planning on summitting and the ones we are looking for some tips on:

  1. Krakadouw Groot (we have a guide and map)
  2. Sneeukop (need help)
  3. Shadow Peak (need help)
  4. Tafelberg (got a guide and been up before)
  5. Sneeuberg (got a guide and been up before)
  6. The Pup (got a guide and been up before)
  7. Wolfberg (got a guide)
  8. Middelburg North (got a map but some advice would be useful please)
  9. Protea Peak (need help)
  10. Suurvlak se Kop (need help)

If anyone has been up some of the peaks that we need help with please reach out, we could definitely use some pointers.

Sneeukop is pretty straight forward. Start where the path crosses the river and pick a diagonal line up the slope. Here and there you’ll see cairns and a vague path. The cairns become more frequent closer to the summit. Hikers have built little walls at the summit to shelter from the wind, which makes for a nice lunch spot.

Can’t comment on the rest. Enjoy!