Cederberg Sleeping bag

Hi guys, Im planning on doing a hike in August in the Cederberg. Ive got the First Ascent Amplify down light. I dont know if it will be warm enough for those conditions?
Has anyone got some advice?
Should I just use my bigger and much heavier sleeping bag?

Hey @Ivan.Roo
What is it?
Down, synthetic?

Hi Ivan

The Amplify down light is like 9c, right? It can easily drop to 5 there - I would opt for something with a lower rating.

Depending on your whole sleep system you might be fine (sleeping pad, clothing, liner, tent or no tent?). If you have a decent pad with maybe even a foam pad underneath that and a liner you should be good. But again, the weather can change up there and you could have a really cold night. For safety I would recommend a lower rated bag and more importantly a decent sleeping pad.

What other sleeping bag do you have?

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The other bag I have is a TerraFirma, quite old so I couldnt find the exact model but its definitely warmer than 5*

Ive got a naturehike egg crate style sleeping pad
a kway liner, a decathlon trek 100 puffy thats measured to -5, and kway thermal leggings
Also a naturehike mongar 20D tent

The bag is a Terra Firma Kalahari

Maybe just keep an eye on the weather, play it as it comes. And especially the temps at night. And if you’re hiking partner is cuddly that will help.

But if it looks chilly I’d advise to err on the side of caution and go with warmth. Though you may not want to lug the weight about and will feel grim faced for carrying it nothing like a few nights’ poor sleep can ruin your trip as quickly, except maybe for a rabid badger attack, or cat aids…sleep deprivation and cold is the classic method for breaking cadets quickly in the armed forces.

Rest is imperative. Unless you’re doing a hit-and-run style peak-bagging, miles-clocking race against the hourglass. Depends on what you’re after I suppose. I’m not the steak 'n wine carrying type of hiker but some things you have to accept like striving for a good’s night rest. I swear I once had water running in under my pillow (pack) through my sleeping bag and out my feet. It was utterly abject.

So maybe instead of framing it as “which bag will I need then” ask yourself “what’s my threshold for misery and do I need to do that?”.

I’m not familiar with either bag so specifically cannot say more…have a great trip!!


Not familiar with the Terra Firma.

Agree with @Carl re: keeping an eye on the weather before hand. Windy will give you a good idea on the area you are going. Your FA Amplify with liner, decent thermals in your tent should keep you cosy if the temp doesn’t get too low. A few jumping jacks before getting into that sleeping bag always helps :slight_smile: Some spots in the Cederberg have some hay stacks and an emergency blanket underneath your sleeping pad is a solid back up if the temp drops. Keep in mind that most liners don’t add the warmth they claim. A good fleece layer (legs and top) over your thermals will help keep you a bit warmer. Sleeping in a puffy never seem to work for me but when you are cold, why not :slight_smile:

This weekend there are lows of 2/3 degrees around Algeria…

I own a FA Down Light, and dont consider it a winter bag at all. Its my go-to bag for summer. I came back from the Cederberg on Saturday, after spending two nights in a one person tent. Each person feels cold differently, and I am more sensitive then most. My sleeping bag I used is a Deuter ranked to -5, and my tent is ultralight, with one layer. Personally I would recommend the larger bag. My FA is approx 550g. My Deuter is 1.6kg. It was worth it going with the larger bag, and cutting back on water as water is readily found in this season. (with wisdom of course :slight_smile:


Where you will feel the cold the most when sleeping in Cederberg in August is from the ground. Air mattresses are very cold in winter with that cold pocket of air. Ensure you have adequate insulation underneath you.

The FA won’t handle a cold night in August but you also need a warmer base if you’re going to use that bag.it’ll have no warmth under it at all

Depends on how “warm” a sleeper you are. I used my FA Down light in late March in the Drakensberg with a thermal inner - temps dropped to around 0degC - and it was fine for me.
Base was an egg style crate foam pad from Nature Hike