Chain ladder hike 20-21 March

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been up the Berg in a couple of years, so wanted to check a couple of things. We’re planning of going up 20-21 March.

  1. Is the chain ladders currently open for going up? Previously there was a sign to take an alternative route, but a lot of hikers still continued to use the chains to go up.
  2. Anyone know what the water situation is on top of the amphi?
  3. Looking to do a two night hike, first night camp on the escarpment close to the Tugela falls and second night in ifidi cave. If ifidi is occupied, we’ll do false ifidi or perhaps try icidi. Never been to icidi though. Does anyone have GPS coordinates of the cave or perhaps have any other recommendations of alternatives if ifidi is occupied?

Thanks everyone

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I have nothing to add in terms of any useful response but I would love to see what info does come through…