Check out the new Garmin fēnix 5 Plus series!

This watch looks EPIC! Up to 33 hours of battery life in GPS mode on the 5X Plus :open_mouth:

I ended up buying one of these: Great watch - as a guide the most irritating thing for guests is your phone constantly going off (silent) and you either ignoring it or answering it - It means you’re not focused on them. Its awesome to see the incoming alerts without your guests suspecting that you’re not focused on them.

the Mapping feature is fiddly but useable, although not good enough as a secondary GPS third backup maybe!
Battery life is subjective. I doubt it could track for 30 hours. the GPS is also somewhat inaccurate in the extended life range - to the point of the track being utterly useless once you look at it on a map. Compared to a real GPS - Montana or etrex its extremely inaccurate which could be an issue if you’re using it to identify where you are.
On Kloof Corner Ridge it wobbled all over the show, sometimes on Africa Ledge, some times on Cairn Ravine, but rarely on Kloof ridge.

Battery life in real world usage - accurate GPS: 1 x 10k run. Mowbray Ridge - Opelskop, - Woodstock cave, and Constantia Corner, then out of Battery.

Where it was spectacularly useful was tracking Rhino - when you lost the tracks, you could zoom out quickly and get a sense of where you’ve been following the tracks from and see the next features in the direction it was going, then head that way and pick up the tracks again some 800m away. I personally found this reference extremely useful whilst you’re struggling to figure out where the tracks went in thick grass - educated guesswork when you’re in unknown terrain

If you’re planning on using it on multi day trails you need to be able to recharge it every evening - Im looking into alternative charging options now too.