Child carrier


I’ve started to look around for a child carrier backpack. My baby girl is only 1 month old, but the need to get out is getting real. The purpose of this topic is two-fold. I’d appreciate tips and opinions on the various available options and if you have one you don’t use anymore, I might be interested in buying it from you.

From my research so far, it seems like the bees-knees option is the Osprey Poco. The options from Deuter and Thule also looks good.

Then there is also the much cheaper Northridge baby carrier.


We have got two baby-carriers which we use frequently. One of them is the older version Osprey Poco Plus. I can definitely recommend this. They have absolutely thought of everything for the comfort of the baby and the carrier. I see the new version has got the Anti-Gravity hip belt which fits like a dream. The built-in sunshade is also a great feature as it packs away very neatly and it will never get lost. It does cost a lot so my opinion would be on how often you would think of using it. If you are only planning on taking short 30 minute hikes then the entry level options would be more than enough. If you are planning on doing day-hikes with the kids then all the packing space and comfort is definitely the way to go and I would recommend the Osprey.


My father bought us the Osprey. Wow! What a fantastic carrier! That hip belt you mentioned is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. We use it at every opportunity. At this stage mostly to get her body used to it as she’s technically still a bit too small for it. We walk around the block, take the dogs to the park, even shopping and she loves it. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it.